Powa has played a key role in many of Australia’s premier events. We specialise in providing special event management and production, creative consulting, and we supply to both corporate and private audiences. No matter what your needs, from basic equipment rental to full event production, the Powa team of event producers, technical directors, logistics specialists and creative directors deliver effective, world-class results.

What sets us apart from the competition is our approach to the creative process. Unlike other companies, who may only have access to a handful of products and services, Powa is not afraid to bring to the table the latest, cutting-edge technology and services. In addition, not only do we make sure your event is perfect, we also focus on other components such as overall corporate image, safety and risk management, media relations and more. And with the increasing level of technology with today's events, Powa has the expertise and the years of experience that many planners lack. Anyone can claim to be a planner, but few have the unparalleled technical knowledge and network of resources that Powa offers. Our goal is to make your event achieve its goal. Whether you are planning a stadium or arena event, concert tour, grand opening, festival, or launching a new product, the Powa team will make it happen. Discover what many others already know, and contact us regarding your next event.

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