Powa provides lighting, sound and video equipment for corporate events — such as sales meetings, new product launches, and show stopping media events. Powa can also provide theme and set design and set construction. Our deep inventory includes equipment that is essential for every job as well as high-tech specialty items so our clients have what they need, when they need it. Most important, our staff members offer expertise that helps clients create productions that exceed their expectations dazzle their audiences and, sometimes, even defy gravity.

Clients in this market call on Powa for: lighting, audio, staging and video equipment rentals with full-service support from Powa staff members, who draw on decades of experience to create solutions that work.

Powa Productions

Specialising in both Conferences and Seminars

Powa offers a full range of conference, exhibition, event and registration management services. We help make the most of your time and budget by providing a tailored service that meets your specific needs.

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