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Event and Production Management

The Powa Event and Production Management team play a critical role in the planning, coordination and subsequent success of any event. This is a complex task as it often requires the event managers to assume the roles of creative directors, human resource managers, operations coordinators, troubleshooters, public relations officers,  accountants, and health and safety officers.

Powa has advocated the importance of event management for many years. Powa has adopted a different approach. Nobody within Powa’s Production Team is ‘sales’ orientated. That responsibility is solely addressed by the sales manager.

Rather, Powa is professionally supplemented by a highly experienced, and personally selected, production team.

Powa’s project team is a unique blend of experienced managers with trade backgrounds in the audio lighting and associated industries.

Part of Powa's minimum service level is designed to ensure that Powa’s reputation for performance to schedule and commitment to quality is not jeopardised.

Powa can take care of things like :

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment


Site Planning & Design (CAD)


Audio Visual Equipment

Lighting Equipment


Transport and Logistics

Budget & Financial Management


Decoration & Theming

Event Advice & Recommendation

Event Collateral Coordination

On-site Management

Program Development

Registration Management

Speaker/Talent Coordination

Stage Management

Temporary Fencing

Site Power & Lighting

Crowd Barriers

Portable Toilets

Event Labour

Security & Crowd Control

Site Management

Backline Equipment

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