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Speakers & Amps

Signal Processing &


Wireless Equipment

Aphex        661 Tube Compressor/Limiter

Avalon - VT 737sp    Tube Compressor pre amplifier

Avalon - VT 747sp    Tube Compressor/Equaliser

BSS - DPR 901    Dynamic Equaliser

BSS - DPR 402    Dual Compressor/De-Esser/Limiter

BSS - FCS 966    Constant Q Graphic EQ

DBX - 266/XL/A Compressor/Gate     

DBX - 2231 Graphic Equalizer/Limiter with Type III™

DBX - 162SL Purple Series Stereo Compressor/Limiter with AutoVelocity™

DBX - 160X Compressor/Limiter

DBX - 160A Compressor/Limiter

DBX - 160SL Blues Series Compressor/Limiter

DBX - 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate

DBX - 1046 Quad Compressor Limiter

DBX - 223 Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover

Drawmer - MX30  Gated Compressor Limiter

Drawmer - DS404 Quad Noise Gate

Drawmer - DS201 Dual Noise Gate

Drawmer - DL441 Quad Auto Compressor Limiter

Drawmer - DL241 Auto Compressor

Drawmer - DA6 Balanced Distribution Amplifier

ElectroVoice - DX38 Two-In-Four-Out Loudspeaker Processor

Klark Teknik  -  SQ1EQ  Square ONE 30 band Graphic Equaliser

Klark Teknik  - SQ1 Splitter 8 input 24 output splitter

Klark Teknik  - DN3600 Digital 31 band Graphic Equaliser

Klark Teknik  - DN360 Graphic Equaliser

Klark Teknik  - DL431 Audio System Input Splitter

Klark Teknik  - DL451 Audio System Modular I/O

Lexicon - PCM 91 2-in/2-out Studio Standard/Live Sound Reverb Processor

Lexicon - PCM 81 2-in/2-out Studio/Live Sound Multi-Effects Processor

Lexicon - MPX 500 Dual Channel Multi-Effects Processor

Lexicon - MPX 1 2in 2out Multi Effects Processor

Lexicon - 480L Professional Studio Reverb Processor

Lexicon - 224XL Professional Studio Reverb Processor

Nova          GE-1 (27 band eq)

Presonus   ACP88 8 ch. Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Roland       SDE2000 SDE1000 Digital Delay Units

TC Electronics - M-ONE  Dual effects processor

TC Electronics - D-TWO Multitap rhythm delay

TC Electronics - M300 Dual Engine Processor

TC Electronics - TC2290 Dynamic Digital Delay

TC Electronics - M5000 Digital AudioMainframe

TC Electronics - M6000 Professional Studio Reverb Processor

UREI - LA22 Dual Channel Compressor Limiter

UREI - LA12 Single Channel Compressor Limiter

XTA  -  DP266   2 in 6 out Loudspeaker Management System

XTA  - DP448 4 in 8 out Loudspeaker Management System

XTA  - Wiser 2400 Wireless 'Walkabout' Kit

XTA  - DS800 8 input, 32 output self contained audio distribution system

Yamaha - SPX990 Professional Digital Multi Effect Processor

Yamaha - SPX90 Digital Multi Effects Processor

Yamaha - D1500 Digital Delay Unit

Yamaha - REV5 Digital reverberation unit

Play Back

Denon dual CD Player

Denon Single PRO CD Player

Denon Minidisc Player DNM1050R

Denon CD/Cassette Combination DeckHHB Burn-It Pro CD Recorder

Sony MDS JE480 Mini Disc

Tascam CD-RW750 CD Rewritable Recorder

Tascam DA-20 MkII - Dat Machine

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Signal Processing & Playback