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Jands Event 24/48

Jands ESP24/48

Jands Event 416

Avolites Pearl Expert2048CH

GrandMA Full Size2048CH

GrandMA Ultra-Light1024CH

Jands Hog 1000 1024CH

Hog IPC(HOG 2 or HOG 3 Mode)2048CH

Whole Hog 3 2048CH

Road Hog 2048CH

PC Control System

Avolites Diamond 4 Desktop4096CH

HOG 2 or 3 PC c/w Wings/Widgets/PC  1024CH

E-CUE System (pixel Mapping Lighting)Unlimited CH

ArKaos Media Server DMX (Pixel Mapping)Media Server

15” LCD Monitor

17” LCD Monitor

20” LCD Monitor

22” LCD Monitor

Data Distribution

Jands DD6-2 DMX Distribution 6 x 5pin, 2 x 3 pin

Wireless DMX Systems

D-Link 24Way Switcher

E-cue Butler DMX Output Devise

Dimmer Racks / Power Distribution

Jands HP12 Dimmer 12 x 2.4Kw

Jands HP6 Dimmer 6 x 5Kw

Jands HPX12 Dimmer 12 x 2.4Kw

Jands FP12 Dimmer 12 x 2.4Kw

Jands FPX12 Dimmer 12 x 2.4Kw

Planet One DMX 1 x 2.4Kw

Jands 4PAK 4 Channel Dimmer Total Max Load 2.4Kw

Jands PDS12 Power Distribution 12 x 2.4Kw

PowerWise PDS12 Power Distribution 12 x 2.4Kw

Jands PDS453 Power Distribution Power Lock to 4 x 50Amp 3Phase  

Planet One Single Channel DMX Dimmer 1 x 2.4Kw

24 Way Touring Dimmer Systems

48 Way Touring Dimmer Systems - Power Lock in

48 Way Touring Power Distribution System - Power Lock in


Selecon Rama 4.5° to 60°1200Watt         5.5kg

Selecon Acclaim 6º to 60º650Watt        3.5kg

FAL1000T 16º to 53º 1000Watt        5kg

Strand Pollux 283 Fresnel 12” Lens 12.5 º to 56.5 º  5000Watt        19.5kg

Mole Richardson Junior 10’ Lens2000Watt14.5kg

Strand Lighting SIRIO 1200MSR1200Watt15kg

Strand Lighting SIRIO Ballast 20kg


ETC Source4 15-30Deg Zoom750watt9.5kg

ETC Source4 25-50Deg Zoom750Watt7.6kg

ETC Source4 Junior 25-50Deg575Watt6kg

Selecon Axial Acclaim 18-34Deg600Watt5kg

Strand Lighting Cantata 11-26Deg 1200Watt16.1kg

Stand Lighting Cantata 18-32Deg1200Watt15.1kg

Stand Lighting Cantata 26-44Deg 1200Watt13kg

Profile Accessories

ETC Source4 Zoom IRIS        0.2kg

ETC Sourse4 Zoom Gobo Holder B-size0.1kg

ETC Source4 Junior IRIS        0.1kg

ETC Sourse4 Junior GOBO Holder M-size0.1kg

Selecon Acclaim IRIS0.2kg

Selecon Acclaim GOBO Holder        0.1kg

Strand Lighting Cantata IRIS

Flood & Cyc Lights

4 Light Mole Fay 4 x 650watt5kg

8 Light Mole Fay 8 x 650watt10kg

2 Light Mole Fay 2 x 650watt4kg

2 Light Mole Fay C/W Dimmer 2 x 650watt4.5kg

Cyc Light 1000Watt Single Cell1 x 1000Watt

Cyc Light 1000Watt Quad 4 x 1000Watt

Cyc Light 500Watt Sinsle Cell1 x 500Watt

Cyc Light 500Watt Quad4 x 500Watt

QI - 1500 watt1500Watt          2.5kg

QI - 500 watt500Watt          1.2kg


Par36 Pin Spot Black240volts30Watt          0.7kg

Par16 Black 12Volts      20Watt0.5kg

Par20 Chrome 240volts      50watt 0.5kg

Par30 Chrome 240volts 100watt        0.6kg

Par56 Black MFL/NSP240volts300Watt1.5kg

Par56 Black Rays240volts 500Watt1.2kg

Par56 Chrome MFL/NSP240volts   300Watt        1.5kg

Par56 Chrome Rays240volts      500Watt1.2kg

Par64 Black WFL/MFL/NSP/VNSP120volts      1000Watt3kg

Par64 Chrome WFL/MFL/NSP/VNSP 120volts      1000Watt3kg

Multi Par Black WFL/MFL/NSP/VNSP      240volts  575Watt4.2kg

Multi Par Chrome WFL/MFL/NSP/VNSP  240volts      575Watt4.2kg

Par64 ACL Bar of 4        120volts4 x 250Watt12kg

Moving Lights

I-Solutions I-Rock 575S Mirror575Watt22kg

Robe ColorSpot 250at -Profile250Watt20.5kg

Robe ColorWash 250at -Wash250Watt20.5kg

Robe ColorSpot 575at  -Profile575Watt32kg

Robe ColorWash 575at -Wash575Watt30.5kg

Robe ColorWash 575Eat Zoom-Wash575Watt28.5kg

Robe ColorSpot 700Eat-Profile700Watt32kg

Robe ColorWash 700Eat-Wash700Watt30kg

Robe ColorSpot 1200Eat -Profile        1200Watt44kg

Robe ColorWash 1200Eat-Wash        1200Watt41kg

SGM Giotto 400 Wash-Wash400Watt28.8kg

****Please Ask for Availability on any other Brands and Fixtures****

LED Lighting

LED Multi Par 3 Watt 5kg

LED Par Can 1Watt        1.6kg

Honeycomb36 TV4.2kg

Honeycomb72 TV8kg

Traxon Tile 500mm x 500mm 64 PIX5.5kg

LED 1m Tube 16 PIX        3kg

LED Tube Controller Controls up to 1000 Tubes

I-Led Star Drape RGB 4m x 6m 24CH DMX        20kg

Strobe Lighting

Martin Atomic Strobe 30003000Watts        7.5kg

Super Strobe75 watt        3kg

ACME 1500 Strobe1500Watts        7kg

Out Door

City Lights 2500 CMY Colour Mixing Flood DMX 2500HMI

Kaliedo 2500 CMY Color Mixing Flood DMX2500HMI

Kaliedo 575 CMY Color Mixing Flood DMX575HMI

Weatherproof Dome for moving Lights Floor Mounted

Smoke & Hazer Units

Robe 1500 Smoke Machine 20,000Cu.ft/Min DMX

Robe 400 FT Haze machine 2,500Cu.ft/MinDMX

Unique Water Based Hazer DMX

Bubble Machine

Jem Glaciator X-Stream

DF50 Hazer

CLS 300mm Aluminium Tri Truss

1m Section         7.5kg

1.5m Section        9kg

2m Section        13.2kg

3m Section        16kg

Tri Truss Hinge         18kg

Tri Truss Cube         14kg

Truss Base Plate 1000mm x 6mm Suits 300mm Box / Tri 

CLS 300mm Aluminium Box Truss

0.75m Section        8kg

1m Section 9.5kg

1.5m Section        16.5kg

2m Section20kg

3m Section 24kg
Box Truss Hinge18kg

Box Truss Cube 6Way 16kg

Truss Base Plate 1000mm x 6mm Suits 300mm Box / Tri 

CLS 500mm Aluminium Box Truss

3m Section48kg

1.5m Section        21kg

Box Truss Cube        20kg

Box Truss Hinge50kg

CLS 300mm Aluminium Flat Truss

2m Section

4m Section

50mm Aluminium Pipe

1m Aluminium Pipe Black/Gray

1.5m Aluminium Pipe Black/Gray

2m Aluminium Pipe Black/Gray

2.5m Aluminium PipeBlack/Gray

3m Aluminium Pipe Black/Gray

4m Aluminium Pipe Black/Gray

5m Aluminium PipeBlack/Gray

Chain Motor & Chain Blocks

1 tonne Stage Maker Chain Hoist Double Braking SWL1000kg

1 tonne Stage Maker Chain Hoist Single Braking SWL1000kg

500kg Stage Maker Chain Hoist                  SWL500kg

250kg Stage Maker Chain Hoist                 SWL250kg

Chain Block 8m                 SWL1000kg

Chain Block 10m        SWL1000kg

Chain Block 12m         SWL1000kg

Chain Block 15m        SWL1000kg

8 way Motor ControlRequires 3 Phase

2 way Motor Control Requires 3 Phase

Motor Cables 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m, and 50m

Rigging Accessories

Span Set Slings .5m, 1m, 1.5m,2m,3m,9m

Batten Straps 200kg

Bow Shackles 250kg, 500kg, 3200kg, and 8500kg

RSJ Clamp 2 Tonne                SWL2000kg

RSJ Clamp 3 Tonne                SWL3000kg

RSJ Clamp 10 Tonne                SWL10,000kg






Tower Lifter Max Height 20ft        SWL250kg

Tower Lifter Max Height 17ft        SWL200kg

Tower Lifter Max Height 12.4ft                SWL100kg

Push up with Tri Base 10ft

Box Truss to Tree Adapters

Tri Truss to Tree Adapters

Steel Push up 10ft with Flat 600mm Base Plate

Pipe to Lifter Adapter

Lighting T- Dropper bar 1.5m

TV Dropper Bar to Accept TV Spigot  1m, 1.5m, 2m

H-Stand / Floor Stands

90 Degree Scaff Clamp

360Degree Scaff Clamp

Half Coupler to Ring                 SWL500kg

Shot Bags

Drapes & Cycloramas

Black Wool Drape 3.7m x 6m

Black Wool Drape 3m x 3m

Black Wool Drape 3m x 6m

Black Wool Drape 6m x 3m

Black Velvet Drape 3m x 6m

Black Velvet Drape 6m x6m

Black Velvet Drape 3m x 9m

Blue Velvet Drape 3m x 6m

Blue Velvet Drape 6m x 6m

Burgundy Velvet Drape 3m x 6m

Burgundy Velvet Drape 3m x 3m

White Drape 3m x 3m

White Drape 3m x 6m

Star Drape 250 RGB Led’s 4m x 6m 24CH DMX

Black Molton Boarders 18.3 x 0.5m

Blue Velvet Boarder 7.6m x 0.6m

Lycra Truss Socks 4m –White/Black & Red

White Fill Cloth Cyclorama 18m Wide x 6m Drop

White Fill Cloth Cyclorama 12m Wide x 6m Drop

Drape Rigging

Auto Pole 6m up Right

Auto Pole 1.5m up Right

Auto Pole Cross Bar

Auto Pole Base Plate 500mm/600mm

Tab Track

Jands Tab Track 6mManual Opening

Jands Tab Track 4mManual Opening

Jands Tab Track 3mManual Opening

Jands Tab Track 1.5mManual Opening

6m Wide French Action Electric Opening

3m Wide French Action Electric Opening


Creative Audio C102 1 Ring

Creative Audio C120 2 Ring Master

Creative Audio C140 4 Ring Master

Creative Audio C100 Sub Station

Creative Audio C101 Sub Station 2 Ring

DT109 Beyer Dual Headset

DT108 Beyer Single Ear Headset

Power Cables

10Amp 240 volt Power Leads1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m

20Amp 240 volt Power Lead 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m

Wieland Looms 5way 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m, 50m

Wieland 5way Tails 240v

Wieland 5way Bar Header 240v

Wieland 5way Tails 110 volt

Wieland 5way Bar header 4 x 110v 1x 240v

3 Phase Extension 5m

3 Phase Extension 10m

3 Phase Extension 15m

3 Phase Extension 30m 

3 Phase Extension 50m

3 Phase Extension 60m

3 Phase 20Amp to 32Amp Adapter

3 Phase Double Adapter 

C-form to 2 x 32 Amp 3Phase Adapter


Power Lock Extension 5m 50mm 170 Amps

Power Lock Extension 15m 50mm 170 Amps

Power Lock Extension 30m 50mm 170 Amps

Power Lock Wire In Tails 50mm 170 Amps

Power Lock Extension 5m 35mm 140 Amps

Power Lock Extension 15m 35mm 140 Amps

Power Lock Extension 30m 35mm 140 Amps

Power Lock Wire In Tails 35mm 140 Amps

Power Lock Extension 5m 120mm 400 Amps 

Power Lock Extension 30m 120mm 400 Amps


5Pin DMX Cable 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m

3Pin Data Cable1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, and 30m

DMX 5>3 Converter

DMX 3>5 Converter

LX M7 Multi Core 5x 5pin 2 x 3pin 2 x Cat5 1 x Power 100m

LX M8 Multi Core 4 x 5pin 4 x 3pin 1 x Power 100m

LX M2 Multi Core 2 x 5pin 1 x Power 100m

LX M1 Multi Core 1 x 5pin 1 x Power 50m

Cable Protection

Cable Tray Sing CH 1m

Cable Tray 3 CH 1m

Cable Tray 5 CH1m