The best piece of gear in the world is merely a paperweight without a human being to operate it. It is easy enough to rent equipment or book rooms, but most event planners agree that finding trained event staff is the hardest part of a job. Powa makes providing qualified event crews a central pillar of its business.

Be it one skilled technician, or dozens of hard working stagehands, Powa knows how to get the people you need applied to the job at hand.

A Powa technician or stagehand will be punctual, presentable and prepared. We insist on it, because we know that good staffing is crucial to our long term success. In a field where one soundboard or stage light is pretty much as good as any other, our attention to the human element is what makes us special.

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Powa supplies the people and skills you need for any assignment on any size event, anywhere in the country. In some locations, we can specify 100 percent of any crew we hire, by name; an important edge in providing the very best people to fill your jobs. We regularly provide highly qualified personnel   technical directors, supervisors, electricians, riggers and other skilled labor for incoming events at local venues, touring productions and film productions. Powa can handle the payroll for your crew, keeping track of hour and overtime and issuing paychecks through our system.


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