Company Profile

Powa had a humble beginning as an audio and lighting production outfit working from the rear of a 2-ton truck. In 1992 Geoff with two partners formed the company Connexion Ministries Pty. Ltd. trading now as POWA.

Clientele was established through the same principles found at Powa today. A high level of personal service, a quality product and performing to schedule. These principles not only established new opportunities, but also developed stronger relationships with long-term clients.

Service is the product of the individual, not the company.

This ethos has seen Powa relocate its Melbourne facility no less than 5 times - from its lowly 96 square feet mobile origins to the 20,000 square feet of its current storage, concert preparation and sales areas today.

Additional staff and a growing equipment and client list have accompanied these steps.

Powa today is demonstrating enormous potential as a premier Australian production hire company.

From the single audio and lighting system in 1983 Powa has progressed considerably. Similarly the scope of service available from Powa has expanded enormously from purely audio production in 1983 to every facet of state-of-the-art lighting and visual presentation, custom manufacture, sales, installation, consultation and training.

Strategy & Philosophy

Powa has developed its own unique personality. This is not by accident, but rather reflects the enormous personal impact of its current Directors.

It is their personal belief that "to focus only on the technical production is to miss the target". As a direct result of this Powa is strongly orientated toward understanding the individual goals of each and every client.

Powa’s team is motivated to work in harmony with the client, showing respect for the specific requirements of each and every transaction rather than purely focusing on the company the individual represents. Mutual respect, trust and comfort are generated and experienced by people, not companies.

However, the key factor in Powa’s success lies in its approach to growth. Our decision for investing the fruits of our labour directly back into equipment enables our clients to benefit immediately from their support in a tangible way. Growth is essential, but can also be crippling if not carefully controlled and regulated. Powa works to carefully developed long and short-term business and marketing plans. This is to ensure that the organisation is not today’s shooting star lighting the night sky, and tomorrow’s burnt up debris crashing to earth.

Key Operatives

The Directors wholly privately own Powa Audio:

The Principal is: Mr Geoff Knight - General Manager.

Mr Geoff Knight. Business Manager

Geoff has been involved with both audio and lighting production for over 15 years. Geoff has an electrical trade background (A grade electrician and electrical contractor) and has used this ability as to support Powa’s growth in the early years. His electrical experience gives the peace of mind in the planning and during major events with the complex interfacing of the vast array of equipment and utility requirements. Geoff’s personal business management and financial skills are invaluable in the long and short term strategic planing of Powa Audio.

Geoff specialises in the project planning and scheduling of major events.

Event Management

Powa has advocated the importance of event management for many years. Powa has adopted a different approach. Nobody within Powa’s Production Team is ‘sales’ orientated. That responsibility is solely addressed by the sales manager.

Rather, Powa is professionally supplemented by a highly experienced, and personally selected, contract production team.

Powa’s project team is a unique blend of experienced managers with trade backgrounds in the audio and associated industries.

They are supported by a state-of-the-art customised computer network. Project progress, available resources and performance to budget are updated instantly.

It is provided as a part of Powa's minimum service level and is designed to ensure that Powa’s reputation for performance to schedule and commitment to quality is not jeopardised.

We are Team Players

Powa’s strength undoubtedly lies in its wider team.

From the top of the Organisation right through to the bottom everybody is encouraged to feel a part of the team. There is no ‘door’ to senior management that has to be opened - Open discussion on a level basis is encouraged and expected.

Feedback is regular and consistent ensuring all are aware of Powa’s current status. Success is openly discussed and celebrated where appropriate via regular social functions.

Disappointing results are equally openly discussed with a view to resolution and improvement.

The secret to Powa’s totally dedicated team lies in the fact nobody keeps secrets.

This same strategy is applied to all clients.

The client is considered a part of the process, and is therefore regularly consulted and informed. If a problem does arise it is guaranteed the first person to know will be the client.

The extension of this same ‘no surprises’ strategy is understanding the clients’ overall production policies and long-term targets. This allows Powa the opportunity to be proactive in the pursuit of production concepts and programs for these longer term targets.

It is understood that as a part of the team Powa’s staff are representing the client when on site and dealing with third parties. Powa is therefore conscious that its team’s behaviour and performance is reflective upon the client.

The final element of this team approach is Powa's open house policy to the client. Subject to the confidentiality of other clients’ programs, Powa always welcomes the client into the facility to see first hand the processes involved in concert preparation, and meet first-hand those responsible for building and designing the end result -the concert production that their customers will enjoy.

Pricing Strategy

Powa is fully aware that the current market is price conscious.

To this end Powa is consistently motivated to provide the client with the best possible value for money. Regularly this also brings to the client the lowest price.

This is not always the case however.

There is a distinction between the best value and the cheapest price. Powa is not motivated to provide the cheapest price. The concept that quality does not cost any more is a fallacy. There is an element of cost associated with providing a quality product that is ‘fit for purpose’.

The pursuit of the cheapest price sees this element removed and the minimum expected performance jeopardised.

Powa has worked diligently to establish its reputation as market leader for performance and quality.

Powa is not prepared to tarnish its reputation by providing a cheap product with a questionable ability to perform.

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