Wireless Microphone Systems

Shure - UR4/S/D  Diversity Receiver

Shure - UR2  Hand Held Transmitter

Shure - UR1  Body Pack Transmitter

Shure - UR1M  Minature Body Pack Transmitter

Shure - ULX4P4  Diversity Receiver

Shure - ULX2  Hand Held Transmitter

Shure - ULX1  Body Pack Transmitter

Shure - UC4  Diversity Receiver

Shure - UC2  Hand Held Transmitter

Shure - UC1  Body Pack Transmitter

Mics and Capsules to suit the systems above

RE97  WL93  WL185  WL184  WH20  WH10

KSM9 Beta58 Beta87 SM58

Wireless Microphone Antenna Systems

UA840  UA845  UA870 UA830

In Ear Monitor systems

Shure - P6T  Transmitter

Shure - P6R  Body Pack Receiver

Shure - P6HW  Hard Wired Body Pack

Shure - P7T  Transmitter

Shure - P7R  Body Pack Receiver

Shure - P9T  Transmitter

Shure - P9R  Body Pack Receiver

In Ear Monitor antenna systems

PA770  PA705

Ear Pieces


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Speakers & Amps

Signal Processing &


Wireless Equipment

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